Calmare Scrambler TherapyHow does it work and what does it treat?

How does it work?

Effective treatment option for Acute, Chronic, or Post-Op Pain


how does calmare scrambler therapy work

Calmare “Scrambler” Therapy is a non-invasive and pain-free approach to the treatment of acute, chronic, and post-operative pain. Unlike pain medications, our treatment does not involve side-effects or dependency. Calmare Therapy uses peripheral nerve stimulation to modify sensory signals to the spinal cord. Stimulation is achieved by applying electrode pads on the skin near the painful area and delivering low voltage current. The signals delivered via small sensory fibers deliver a “no-pain” messages to the spinal cord and brain. Once the electrodes are properly placed, the patient feels no pain, as the device overrides the pain signals. Treatment most often consists of 10-12 sessions on consecutive days (weekends excluded), but it can be adjusted based on patient needs.


Pain reduction is usually seen during the first treatment session. Following the initial treatment series, this reduced level of pain can last from one month to one year or longer, varying from patient to patient. 


What does it treat?

We treat pain associated with the following conditions



Treatment Information

Pricing and insurance information


Pricing information

  • Over the phone consultation: FREE
  • Initial evaluation: $80
  • Calmare Treatment: $250 per session (50 min)


  • Treatments are billed at the time of service. No deposit is required.
  • Insurance super bill provided upon request.
  • Financing is available through Advanced Care Card – visit to see if you qualify. 
treatment information

Your condition is not listed?

If you suffer from pain, but your condition is not listed, please contact us to discuss your options!

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