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Calmare scrambler therapy is a novel and exciting method of nerve damage and pain treatment. It is opioid and drug-free and has absolutely zero side effects. One of the frequent causes of nerve damage that can be treated with Calmare scrambler, is a chronic back pain caused by lumbar nerve damage or therapy-resistant sciatica.

Calmare machine works on a biophysical principles and treats the nerve pain through the ‘scrambler’ technology and proper placement of the electrodes on the patient’s skin.
How Does Calmare Scrambler Therapy Reduce Sciatica Pain

Calmare device relieves pain by using small electrodes directly on the pain site for about half an hour, with 16 algorithms transmitting a ‘non-pain’ message to the nerve.
During the course of the treatment, patient’s brain receives the message that the pain site no longer emits pain signals, which results in the patient experiencing a steady decrease of pain. The number of treatments needed to achieve pain relief varies from patient to patient, but in some cases only a few treatments were needed.

What type of Sciatica Pain can Calmare Scrambler Therapy Threat?

We need to state that there is a big difference between sciatic neuritis and sciatic neuropathy.
Sciatic neuropathy implies constant, chronic pain. Its intensity may vary from high to low, but the pain and discomfort are ever-present and never completely go away. The cause of the chronic back pain or sciatica may be a result of different factors – herniated disk, spinal stenosis, a failed back surgery, an injury, or generalized aging of joints and bones.
As opposed to neuropathy, a sciatic/lumbar neuritis is oftentimes a biomechanical issue, caused by a ligament damage or a pinched nerve. This condition can easily be treated by a specialized physical therapist or a chiropractor.
Calmare Scrambler therapy has given great results in treatment of sciatic neuropathy and chronic back pain. If the case of sciatica neuropathy pain is particularly severe and if the patient has suffered the chronic pain condition for a long time before undergoing the treatment with Calmare scrambler, they may need additional booster treatments to completely get rid of the discomfort.

Benefits of Calmare Scrambler Therapy

• Drug-free
• No side effects
• Non-invasive
• Pain-free
• Proven results in treatment of neuropathic pain
• FDA-cleared and European CE mark-certified

Apart from Sciatica and back pain, Calmare Scrambler Therapy that we provide, successfully treats pain in following conditions: post-surgical neuropathic pain, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy pain, phantom limb syndrome, postherpetic neuralgia, intractable cancer pain, brachial plexus pain, post-surgical nerve lesion neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy and pudendal neuropathy.
If you are suffering from any of the above chronic pain conditions, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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